Our Story


Our passion has always been to produce the healthiest, highest quality and best tasting beef, lamb, pork, chicken and veal for our family and customers. We achieve that by practicing the highest standards of ranching and raising our animals without growth hormones or antibiotics. Our beef and veal are certified by American Grass-fed Association and are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. Our pork, lamb, and chicken is also pastured and raised humanely with the utmost care for top-quality meat.


We believe we are stewards of the land. We are responsible to God for how we care for the land and animals. We take pride in raising our animals on the farm that has been passed down to us from our grandfather and great-grandfather. We were taught to put our best into what we do, and that includes raising the happiest, healthiest animals possible.

We live in the beautiful rolling hills of Orange, VA where the views of the Blue Ridge Mountains are breathtaking.


Faith, family and farming are a huge part of our lives and has been through the years.

Valentine and Darletta Miller (owners)

We started the business in 1995 as a small in-home bakery. The business quickly grew and expanded. In 2007 we added the meats we were already raising to our retail line. We enjoy eating healthy and had been, as a family, enjoying our natural meats for years so sharing them with others was an easy decision. We also expanded the bakery, adding a line of gluten-free products.


We are thankful for our heritage and grateful for the opportunity to share our high-quality products with you!